Meet the team

20 years experience

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Daryl Devereux

Lateral thinking and an ability to understand the motivations of both vendors and clients have been key ingredients to a highly successful twenty years for Daryl Devereux at Bayleys North Shore Commercial.

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Alan Hall

Alan Hall is a retired Chartered Accountant, having practiced for many years in Milford, Auckland. Over that time has specialised in  commercial property investment.  

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Brian Caldwell

Brian is an Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA) as well as a licenced Real Estate broker and is well qualified to offer investment advice in all areas of real estate.  He is based at Bayleys North Shore Commercial as a Commercial & Industrial sales and syndication broker.  

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Sean Parsons

Sean is a chartered accountant with many years’ experience. He is a director of Hall & Parsons,  Chartered Accountants and has expertise in taxation and business structuring.


About DABS

At DABS we understand the unique investor and owner requirements, leveraging on our directors multi industry experiences, spanning some twenty years.  Our team’s expertise lies in its ability to identify and acquire opportunities, structure the appropriate funding and control risk while continuously adding value.  Our objective is to provide investors with a means of co-investing with DABS in a range of commercial properties, chiefly in the Auckland area.  Investing with DABS allows investors to purchase property assets of greater significance in value and scale.

All properties offered by DABS have been carefully chosen in terms of location, building, and tenant quality and pricing.  Detailed due diligence is carried out before the property is offered to our investors.  Continued financial growth is a key focus.  We seek to constantly add value throughout the investment term by carefully managing the asset from acquisition to disposal.  This is achieved through detailed asset management and redevelopment programmes, identifying opportunities to add additional income streams, leasing up vacant space, extending tenant leases and employing value driven asset management to maximise returns.  We also provide all property management and facility management services where appropriate.

Our Investors favour a regular monthly income stream, continuing to build cash flow and wealth for retirement with the knowledge the property is professionally managed.  We pride ourselves on being highly experienced property people who provide our investors with a personal service that suits their requirements and helps them achieve their lifestyle goals.